1st Gen. Network

First Generation Network is a non-profit organization, that brings together first generation entrepreneurs and other professionals, determined to foster a new entrepreneurial ecosystem and to boost entrepreneurial culture.

Through First Generation website the organization aims to tell the stories and experiences of “Entrepreneur Members” (Soci Imprenditori), with the hope they can act as role models, help and inspiration for a new generation of Italian entrepreneurs.

In the meantime the association means to encourage the birth of a wide network of “Affiliated Members” (Soci affiliati). Experienced professionals who, as “Friends of the Nework”, are able to offer experience and support to create new entrepreneurial projects and to boost the existing ones.

First Generation Network was established in 2007 upon an idea of Michele Appendino and Marco Palombi and is aimed to attract an audience of students and people in general involved with the development of a new entrepreneurial culture.

Website: http://www.1generation.net

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